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Our Cleaning Products


Druk Detergent 

Druk Detergent is formulation suitable both for hand and machine wash.  It removes stains, removes odour while protects colour and gentle on hand. 

Attending to the customers’ needs and feedback from the consumers, Druk Detergent is now available in pack sizes of 5 kilogram, 2 kilogram, 1 kilogram, 500 gram and 250 gram are manufactured.


5 kilogram pack

now free tub


2 kilogram pack

now free bucket


1 kilogram pack


500 gram pack

and 250 gram pack


Clean Toilet Cleaner

In toilet cleaning is manufactured under the brand Clean Toilet Cleaner. The formulation not only cleans but also to removes germs and leaves your toilet sparkling and fresh. 


The company aspires to make Touch From Heaven your partner in washing & Cleaning. 

500 ml with a jug free

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