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Our Herbal Products



In the Herbal product category, the company produces around nine products and aimed at promoting proactive approach to smarter and healthier living. The herbal products are both for domestic and international niche markets. The endeavour collectively aims to propel Bhutanese economy and create employment.

Touch From Heaven’s ‘Dhuetsi' Lines of Products

Historically Bhutan is known as the land of medicinal plants. Today Bhutan is still one of the tenth biodiversity hotspots in the world for the rich biodiversity it holds and pristine environment it managed to conserve consciously. Today Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. Bhutan also has a rich legacy of traditional medicines. With intentions to realize these unique advantages and opportunities and to promote proactive approach to a smarter and healthier living, the Dhuetsi lines of products have been conceptualized. 

‘Dhue’ mean time, ‘tsi’ mean bind, fix or glue, thus Dhuetsi means Time-amalgamate. Therefore, Dhuetsi products are believed to postpone or slow down aging processes and promote smarter and healthier living.


Dhuetsi Herbal Tea


A carefully crafted blend of Carthamus tinctorius, Phyllanthus emblica and honey, this tea gives you a refreshing and soothing sensation. While you enjoy every sip, the ingredients help improve the condition of your heart, liver and digestive system, thereby improving your general well being, making you feel refreshed and energetic.


This tea is also presented as an elegant gift hamper in gold coloured tin boxes.


Dhuetsi Chuelen

Dhuetsi Chuelen (N) normal is natural multi-ingredient formulation of Bhutanese grains such as Oryza sativa, Triticum, Zea mays fortified with herbal ingredients like Chawa  (Withania somnifera), Ashi Heychum (Chenopodium quinoa), Aru (Terminalia chebula), Baru (Terminalia bellirica) and Churu (Phyllanthus emblica). Besides individual goodnesses, Aru, Baru and Churu collectively help in maintain the balance of the three Humors i.e. rlung (wind), Thri (bile), beken (Phlegm). Through balance of these three secretions ensure basic functioning and well being of an individual. Withania somnifera has been used in ‘So-wa-rig-pa’ (Health Science) to increase longevity and vitality. As per the findings of the modern research, regular consumption is believed to retard senescence, ameliorates stress, weakness, nervous exhaustion, geriatric problems and improves memory. Chenopodium quinoa provides much needed protein and naturally grown Bhutanese grains contribute fibres and other richnesses.  

Dhuetsi Chuelen comes will collective goodness to vitalize and rejuvenate vital organs, thus making you stronger from within. It also increases your defense against diseases and ameliorates oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals, protects the body against their deleterious effects and slows down the ageing process. Thus promote health and longevity.

Dhuetsi Chuelen (Jr.) Junior is a sweetened version with goodness of natural honey and Cinnamon flavor.


Curcuma longa Capsule

This is made from naturally grown Curcuma longa in the pristine environment of Bhutanese mountains. 

Naturally dried and packed into vegetarian (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose - HPMC) capsule shells. Its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting properties help in maintaining good health. Take proactive approach to health and wellbeing.


Dhuetsi Chuelen Capsule

Dhuetsi Chuelen is a capsule containing Aru (Terminalia chebula), Baru (Terminalia bellerica), Churu (Phyllanthus emblica) and Chawa (Withania somnifera) in a vegetarian capsule shell. It detoxifies and enhances longevity and vitality.


Cordy Vigour Capsule

Cordyceps sinensis known as ‘Yartsa Guenbub’ literally means summer grass, winter worm is unique fusion of caterpillar and fungus is known for its medicinal properties.  These are collected from the pristine mountains of Bhutan.

Cordy Vigour capsules are made from Cordyceps sinensis, Withania somnifera, Phyllanthus emblica, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellerica encapsulated into Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) capsule shells.


This product is believed to enhance longevity, vitality and general wellbeing by boosting immunity, providing cardio-tonic effects and anti-oxidant properties. 


Sangzey Ja Tsa

This incense powder is made from 108 ingredients and can be offered for any occasion to appease deities and also to create aromatic and soothing environment.

Black Tumeric.jpg

 Kuu Nga Ye Poe Jor

Touch From Heaven’s Kuu Nga Ye Poe Jor incense stick is made from ingredients such as Syzygium aromaticum, Myristica fragrans, Amomum subulatum, Rhodrodendon anthopogon and Juniperus squamata.

This unique formulation helps soothe and appease deities.

Black Turmeric Capsules

Curcuma caesia commonly known as black turmeric is a bluish-black perennial rhizome grown in pockets of Bhutan.


500 mg of Black Turmeric capsule is recommended for Anti-Oxidant Properties, especially aiding digestive system.

Cordy Tonic Capsules

Cordy Tonic capsules are made from top quality pure Cordyceps sinensis encapsulated into vegetarian(Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) capsule shells.


This product is believed to enhance longevity, vitality and general wellbeing by boosting immunity, providing cardio-tonic effects and anti-oxidant properties. It fights fatigue and helps boost stamina.


Drak-Shuen (Shilajit) Paste

This black tar like resin found in the rugged rocky mountains of the pristine Bhutan formed from plants debris though a natural processes, finds vent through cracks of the rocks. Drak-Shuen (Shilajit) is believed to contain herbo-minerals that provide multi-health benefits and helps rejuvenate.

Regular intake of 1 to 1.5 grams with warm milk or water enhances vitality and stamina by improving overall health and wellbeing.

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